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CloseUp: Crowdsourcing APP for Realtime Location-Based Q&A

Technology #2017-241

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Dr Christian von der Weth
SeSaMe Centre, Smart Systems Institute Phone: +65-9335-1093 E-mail:
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Mr Yuan Ziying
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CloseUp - Next generation Q&A platform for live crowdsourcing

Market Opportunity

Despite the seeming abundance of data available, the Web suffers from a blind spot when it comes to live

and on-the-spot information. Question like “How noisy is it around that hotel right now?”, “Is there a long queue at this restaurant at the moment?”, or “Does this shop still sell its latest offer?” not only refer to specific points of interest but their answers are only valid for a short period of time. As a consequence, they cannot be found on any websites let alone be searched for using search engines like Google. Such question can often only be answered by people currently on site. Given the omnipresence of smartphones, people who are physically at or close to hotel, restaurant or shop can easily provide answers.


CloseUp is a mobile app where users can search for live information by submitting their questions. Each question is associated with a geolocation and an expiration time. The platform then identifies the mobile users that are most likely to be able to answer a question, and sends the question to the mobile devices of the target users. Users receiving a question can reply by simply selecting one of the provided answers.

Stage of Development

TRL 7 (mobile app and backend infrastructure). System can go live with minor modifications.


Online hotel reservations, retail outlet promotions, planning an activity with family and friends, emergency situations such as a fire or act of terrorism.


  1. Enables the search for live information with other
  2. users as information sources in the spirit of crowdsourcing
  3. Users' geolocations are only known to the system and are never revealed to other users.


Patent pending. Available for licensing.


Dr Christian von der Weth

SeSaMe Centre, Smart Systems Institute

Phone: +65-9335-1093



Mr Ziying YUAN

Phone: +65-65161057


ILO Ref No: 2017-241