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Micro Cell Vesicles as A Transfection Tools

Technology #2017-116

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Wei Jiang Goh
Ass/Prof. Giorgia Pastorin
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Dr Ler Ser Yeng (
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Micro Cell Vesicles as A Transfection Tools

Technology Overview

Transfection of certain cell types including stem cells and primary cells such as adipocytes often face issues of low transfection efficiency or high toxicity.

Micro Cell vesicles (mCVTs) are able to transfect these cell types with improved transfection efficacy and reduced toxicity.

Figure 1. Fusion of lipids with cell ghosts by extrusion.

NUS Technology

mCVTs, are a proprietary non-viral Drug Delivery System capable of delivering plasmids, siRNAs or small molecules with low toxicity.

In addition, these microparticles can be further amended to demonstrate targeting to certain cell types both in vitro & in vivo.

Figure 2.  3T3-L1 Cell viability post transfection with mCVTs or industry reagent Lipofectamine via flow cytometry. mCVTs showed similar cell viabilities to the industry reagent.

Figure 3. Preadipocytes (3T3-L1) were incubated with Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS) as control, Commercial Reagent Lipofectamine 3000 and mCVTs, together with plasmids for Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP).

mCVTs demonstrate a 3 fold increase in transfection efficiency as measured by flow cytometry. Fluorescence microscopy images of transfected preadipocytes by mCVTs. Scale bars indicate 20 µm.

Main Advantages

  • A modified cell ghosts which can deliver a cargo to a target cell or tissue.
  • Simple and easy method of transfecting Hard-To-Transfect Cells.
  • Improved transfection efficiency in comparison with commercial reagents.
  • Minimal cell toxicity.
  • Non-viral Method.
  • From 1 to 5 µm in diameter.
  • Use in in vitro & in vivo.
  • A novel Transfection reagent for non-viral transfection of Hard-To-Transfect (HCC) Cell Types.

Contact:  Dr Ser Yeng LER

Phone: +65-66016248


ILO Ref No: 2017-116

PIs: Wei Jiang Goh & Ass/Prof. Giorgia Pastorin