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Green Building Materials- Biochar as Partial sand replacement for cementitous composites

Technology #2016-214


  • * Biochar is prepared from mixed wood saw dust, available locally using pyrolysis process
  • * The produced char sequesters high percentage of carbon ( up to 82% by our production method) in its chemical structure.
  • * A carbon sequestration and waste management strategy                 
  • * Scanning electron microscopic image of biochar particles after production and in cement mortar
  • * The fibrillar shape of biochar act as micro-reinforced in hardened mortar paste                 
Biochar as Partial Sand Replacement
  • * Biochar as partial sand replacement in mortar increase compressive strength by 30% and 25% at 7 day and 28 day respectively. 
  • * Fibrillar biochar particles act as micro-reinforcement in hardened paste.
  • * Use of biochar to replace part of sand results in lower permeability. Total water absorption is lower by about 40% compared to control mortar.       
  • * Coefficient of sorptivity or rate of water absorption is lower by about 50% compared to plain mortar
  • * Lower permeability compared to reference mortar.
  • * Biochar densifies the cement mortar paste by micro-filler effect that reduces the effective porosity of the matrix.           


Normal sand replacement, Crushed rock sand replacement