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Ambiotherm: Simulating Environmental Conditions in Virtual Reality Applications

Technology #2016-176

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Virtual Reality has arrived and the recent acquisition of the Oculus Rift by Facebook for a cool $2 billion is proof of this fact, not to mention other big names like Sony, Samsung, HTC and Google releasing VR headsets into the market. And it is not just in gaming that VR is making an impact. Enhancing user experience is the natural next step to demonstrate the power of VR and VR headset manufacturers are providing content that takes users to places that they would otherwise never be able to experience.


Ambiotherm, a wearable accessory for existing Head Mounted Displays (HMD), which simulates real-world environmental conditions such as ambient temperatures and wind conditions to provide the user with a more multisensory and immersive experience. The system includes a wearable accessory for HMDs and a mobile application, which generates interactive VR environments and controls thermal and wind stimuli accordingly. Stage of DevelopmentTRL 5. High fidelity subsystem built and tested in simulated environment


Virtual reality games, e-sports, interactive movies and new media, broadcasting, training simulations and rehabilitation devices 


  1. Improved immersion experience due to additional simulation of temperature and wind conditions
  2. Wearable, light-weight, and portable
  3. API enables VR developers to easily integrate thermal and wind stimuli into their existing work 


Available for licensing. Patent pending with prototype and related software.


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ILO Ref No: 2016-176