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Industry Problem

Alarming levels of particulate matter pollution in air pose a serious health threat in several countries, therefore intriguing a strong need for an economic and a viable technology of air filtration. Current air purification technology is rather expensive with certain types even having the risk of emitting hazardous by-products.


  • * A multifunctional air filter which is able to trap/exhale the foreign particles and allergens( PM 2.5 and PM 10) while still possessing high air permeability.
  • *The developed filters can be used for personal face masks and window based air filter as a standalone device for achieving healthier indoor living environment.NUS materials

Value Proposition

A nanofiber technology which enabling:

  • * Capturing of harmful PM 2.5 particles and PM 10 particles and simultaneously provides shielding from harmful UV radiations. 
  • * Low pressure drop- allow one to breathe easily
  • * Low cost fabrication process

Other Potential Application

* Air filtration materials for automobile applications


NUS Materials

Commercial face mask

SEM images of nanofibers

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