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STEVE Tool Plug-in for Sketch Up

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STEVE Tool Plug-in for Sketch Up

Prof. Wong Nyuk Hsien, Han Tiong Steve Jusuf, Department of Building, NUS 

Industry Problem

Singapore is a small country where future developments need careful urban planning to preserve the quality of urban environment. Working on the limitations from the previous joint research project between National University of Singapore (NUS) and JTC Corporation on climatic mapping of business park for environmental quality assessment, this research project looks into several parameters to further develop the air temperature prediction models of the Screening Tool for Estate Environment Evaluation (STEVE).


The enhanced STEVE models were developed as a plugin in SketchUp as a simple analysis tool for urban planners in the planning process. The plugin can generate the various temperature maps and sectional temperature profiles. Information on different types of plants with the carbon storage and sequestration data based on database from National Parks Board (NParks) has also been added into the plugin. Through SketchUp, different plants can be added into the site planning. The carbon sequestration is then calculated accordingly.

Figure 1. Concept of STEVE Tool Plug-in for SketchUp                   



Figure 2. Temperature map generated by STEVE Tool

Value Proposition

Most of architects and urban planners use SketchUp in their design process. Hence, the STEVE Tool will be easily learned by them and they will be able to do microclimatic assessment (air temperature) of their master plan design alternatives

Other Potential Application

* Wind speed information can be embedded into the master plan to determine the maximum temperature (Tmax). 

* Embedded greenery with the carbon storage and sequestration data based on database from National Parks Board (NParks) plugin. 

Figure 3. Temperature profile analysis function in STEVE Tool

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