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Flexible Microneedle Skin Patch Integrated With Fluidic Control System

Technology #15112n

Flexible Microneedle Skin Patch Integrated With Fluidic Control System

Inventors : Wang Hao, Xiang Zhuolin, Assoc Prof Vincent Lee

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering


Industry Problem

Human aging is something that cannot be avoided. However, there are numerous ways to look ageless (eg. skin patch with, etc.). From cosmetic perspective, the current skin patches are limited by the effective penetration of the micollagencroneedles and the fixed volume or ratio of ingredients used. These constraints are noteworthy because of diverse users’ skin conditions and how the patches are administered. These users possibly experience a less effective or longer duration of skin care in order to see improvement.


To mitigate the challenges of the current skin patches, the research team developed a bendable microneedle patch to eliminate microneedle breakage. This patch also has the flexibility of delivering different volume or ratio of the concoction for different cosmetic purposes (eg. anti-wrinkle or hair growth). These devices are designed to allow substantial volume and precise control of the mixture delivery.

The prototype have been successfully developed and validated on rodents for essential parameters

Value Proposition

•  Eliminate breakage of microneedles

•  High flexibility in administering localized concoction for various skin conditions

•  Lower cost and complexity of skin care

Other Potential Application

•  Fluid dispensing system

•  Integrate into health monitoring systems (such as continuous glucose monitoring)

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This research is supported by Competitive Research Programme (R-263-000-A27-281) under National Research Foundation, Singapore

Ref : ID15112N

Fig. 1: Optical image of the bendable microneedle array with Maltose (dissolvable) sharp tips when lateral force is applied

Fig. 2: (a)  Histology image of skin penetration by the needles (b) possibility of  needle breakage

Fig. 3: Demonstration of the ingredient delivery with volume sensor monitoring for each pressing of the pump chamber

Table 1: Comparison table for different cosmetic treatment.

Legend: MN-Microneedle; OTC-Over the counter; CIT-Collagen Induction Therapy