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Transparent Gesture Sensing film with Graphene-Pyroelectric Materials

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Prof. Barbaros Özyilmaz
Özyilmaz Group
Centre for Advanced 2D Materials & Graphene
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Transparent Gesture Sensing film with Graphene-Pyroelectric Materials

Özyilmaz Group, Centre for Advanced 2D Materials & Graphene

Industry Problem

In the past decade, the method of interaction between humans and machines has gone from that based on primitive typing/mouse-based, to more advanced touch-based interfacing. Recently, smartphone manufacturers have launched technologies (such as Apple’s “3D Touch”) that extend this interaction into the third dimension, allowing users to “push” into their devices. However, technologies that truly unlock 3D through gesture sensing i.e. camera-based sensors, have all suffered from an inability to operate at close range while also draining battery life. Emerging technologies such as Augmented & Virtual Reality have also struggled to find suitable technologies to fill this niche.


Prof. Barbaros’ group from the Department of Physics has developed a transparent, stretchable film that acts as a motion (infrared) sensor, based on Graphene-Pyroelectric Materials. This film is a heat sensor, which is capable of tracking near-field human gestures, in turn allowing control over smartphones, computers & other display-based (wearables etc.) devices. The film’s transparency allows it to be “pasted” over any display based device, transforming the device into one that is compatible with gesture-based interactions. Due to the unique properties of graphene, the developed sensor is fast, sensitive and has higher responsivity compared to the conventional pyroelectric IR sensors. Furthermore, the film is more power-efficient than comparable cameras, as it generates its own power in response to human radiation. The flexible, transparent graphene-pyroelectric gesture sensing film is a first-of-its-kind technology, with no comparable solution developed in the past. The group is now working towards viable use cases for the technology, to highlight its full potential.

FIG. 1: Smartphone manufacturers looking for new, novel interaction methods

FIG. 2 Emerging technologies (VR, AR etc.) developing gesture based interactivity

FIG. 3: Transparent-film infrared (IR) sensor for gesture detection

Keywords: motion-sensing, gesture-sensing, transparent, film, graphene, pyroelectric

Value Proposition

•  Transparent, flexible film that allows gesture sensing & is compatible with any display-based device.

•  Large-area, near-field sensing compatible: no need for multiple cameras, triangulation etc.

•  Lower power consumption and greater energy efficiency compared to all other gesture sensing technologies.

•  Higher sensitivity and faster response time compared to conventional pyroelectric controller due to the unique properties of graphene electrodes.

Potential Application

•  Gesture sensing interface for smartphones, wearables and other display-based machines.

•  Security & surveillance eg. Discrete night vision, motion detection

For more information, contact:

NUS Industry Liaison Office

Case Manager: Tan Yan Ny

  :+65 6516 7175/ +65 66012812


Principal Investigator: Prof Barbaros Özyilmaz


This research is supported by the National Research Foundation, Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore under its Competitive Research Program

(CRP Award No. NRF-CRP 9-2011-03)

Ref : ID14274N