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Human Pulse Diagnosis

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Human Pulse Diagnosis (TCM)

Market Opportunity

In a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis of pulse, a TCM practitioner would use his fingertips to feel the radial arteries pulse of patients to determine their health conditions. In reference to that of the practitioner him/herself. Since it is all based on the practitioners feels, pulse diagnosis is a very difficult art to master. Only those highly experienced and “senior” TCM practitioners may know the art.


The Tri-Pulse Optical Sensor (3-POS) consists of 3 optical sensors which measure heart pulses along the radial artery in the wrist at 3 locations corresponding to the “cun”, “guan” and “chi” positions in traditional Chinese medicine.  Each sensor uses optical reflectance to monitor the volume displacement of the blood vessel as blood flow through it. A notebook computer or a Smartphone can be used for data storage and analysis.

Stage of Developent

TRL 2. Technological concept demonstrated by a lab setup


This technology is suitable for home based TCM diagnostics with online TCM consultation.


  1. Online consultation provides convenience for patients, time saving for doctors, notion of self-care and to reduce medical insurance costs.
  2. Upgradeable to an AI-based Smart diagnostic device.


Patent pending. Available for licensing and co-development.

Technology Manager

Mr Ma Mun Thoh

Phone: +65 6516 6506


ILO Ref No: 14049N


Associate Prof Huang Dejian

Food Science and Technology Programme, Department of Chemistry