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Graphene Tapes, Methods for Their Manufacturing, Methods for Their Application, and Uses

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Versatile and Customizable Graphene Tape for Electrical, Thermal and Photonic Applications


  • Electrical eg. devices, transparent conducting films,
  • Thermal management
  • Photonics (eg. graphene as saturable absorber)


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  • Partnership for further development


NUS Ref: 13383NTan Yan Ny (tel.: 65-660 12812)Email: or

InventorsProf. Barbaros Özyilmaz, Iñigo Martin Fernandez, Eeshan Sandeep Kulkarni, Antonio Helio Castro Neto


  • Versatile and customizable graphene tape may consist of various thin film material and graphene combinations, depending on the target application
  • Enables ease of transfer of graphene film to various substrates (eg. SiO2, PET, paper, etc.) without the need for chemicals and complicated processing
  • Roll to Roll process compatible
  • Functional thin-film layer in thin film/graphene composite protects and dopes graphene film and acts as a support layer during graphene transfer to target substrate  

Technology Overview

Graphene, a single layer of carbon atoms that are bonded together in a hexagonal honeycomb lattice, is believed to be the world’s best conductor of electricity, heat and spins. These exceptional properties make graphene attractive for a wide range of applications. However, graphene needs to be transferred from its growth substrate to the target surface. The transfer process typically relies on sacrificial layers (eg. PMMA or PDMS), which degrades the graphene quality through contamination or mechanical damage. 

The subject graphene tape includes a support layer and a functional thin film/graphene stack (Fig. 1).  The tape may also include protection layers for the support and graphene films. The functional thin-film layer protects and dopes graphene film and acts as a support layer during graphene transfer to target substrate. It is not removed after graphene transfer to target substrate resulting in high quality graphene film with no chemical contamination and reduced mechanical defects. Graphene/functional thin film layer is easily transferred to various substrates (eg. SiO2, PET, paper, etc.) in a one-step, chemical free process. Different combinations of the functional thin film/graphene layers are possible, depending on the target application. The developed graphene tape is roll to roll process compatible, making it suitable for industrial applications.

Figure 1: Graphene tape