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System for parallel data and voice communication for eHealth

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Frank Starmer
Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School
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System for Parallel Data and Voice Communication channel for mobile eHealth applications

Market Opportunity

Telemedicine or mobile e-health applications often require a simultaneous communication channel for data and voice to be established between two or multiple parties for the purpose of acquiring and distributing data using existing mobile telephone infrastructure and/or the Internet.


The system includes methods, protocols and tools for acquiring data from Bluetooth or USB transducers, analyzing the data, identifying triggers and establishing a simultaneous data and voice connection to another mobile or fixed device. This technology is thus suitable for a multitude of mobile eHealth applications as well as any application that may require ongoing feedback to perform an operation

Stage of Development

This method has been implemented as a proof-of-concept. The feasibility of remote data capture, analysis and consultation with a remote party has been established.


E-Health / Telemedicine


  1. Relies on standard mobile telephony infrastructure (3G/4G) and standard Internet protocols (Wi-Fi)
  2. Uses off-the-shelf transducers to communicate with smart phones
  3. Able to transmit voice and data simultaneously to one or multiple fixed or mobile devices.


Patent pending US, Indonesia and Singapore.  Available for licensing.


Frank Starmer

Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School


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ILO Ref No: 12116N