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Rapid Quality Testing Kit for Cooking Oils

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Prof Zhao Weibiao
Principal Investigator
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Senior Associate Director (65)65166506
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Tech Offer 10292 Oil Quality Tester [PDF]

Food Science and Technology Programme, Department of Chemistry


Cooking oil used for frying for an extended period of time can degrade into harmful substances. These harmful substances can lead to health issues. However, discarding frying oil too early may not make much economic sense. Therefore, knowing when to discard frying oil which is no longer safe for consumption is very important.


Our multi-parameter inputs model provides a certain degree of robustness to the testing kit. Majority of the testing kits on the market are based on colorimetric analysis so they fail to take into account the difference in colors of cooking oils. Instead of relying on colors, our testing kit uses physical parameters such as viscosity, dielectric constant or density to quickly determine the quality of frying oil with high accuracy.

Value Proposition

This is relevant to restaurants, food vendors, and government agencies in charge of food safety that need a quick and low cost method to inspect oil quality on the spot. Furthermore, food contract test laboratories can also use this method as a preliminary test to speed up testing procedure.

Features & Specifications

  1. Using multiple parameters to better predict oil quality. Provide both total polar compounds (TPC) and polymeric triglycerides (PTG) readings.
  2. Portable, instant result and great accuracy despite variation in cooking oils' colors

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